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(IC Value 94.26 for 2015-16. )

Instruction to Author

Submission Format

An abridged version is outlined below :

   Title Page (Page 1)

   Page 1 should include the following

  • (i). Type of paper : Original article, Short communication, Case report, Letter to the editor etc.
  • (ii). Full name of the authors along with their Degrees, Designations, Departments, and Institution and National affiliation.
  • (iii). Number of pages in the manuscript.
  • (iv). Number of Photographs
  • (v). Complete address of the corresponding author along with E-mail address.

Abstract (Page 2)
It should contain factual and comprehensive summary of the entire paper in not more than 200 words. It should be a running text (without headings) and should include aims, material and methods, results and conclusions of paper. At the end of the abstract 3-5 key words are required to be endorsed for indexing purpose.

Text (Page 3 onwards)
The main text should be arranged in the following sequence:
  • (i). Introduction : It should contain the review, aim of the study and its rationale.
  • (ii). Materials and methods : This should include sufficient details so that the reader can understand how the results were obtained.
  • (iii). Results : Should be presented in proper sequence. Statistical methods used for analysis should be stated in brief.
  • (iv). Discussion : Should include the relationship of the results with the hypotheses tested as outlined in aims and objectives and the findings of the study compared with those reported by other workers.
  • (v). Conclusions : Should be completely supported by the data in the text.
  • (vi). Acknowledgments: Contribution that fall short of authorship should be included here. Please do not hesitate acknowledging some one’s contributions in your research.

Case Report
The reports should be limited to 1500 words and should be described in the following sequence : Abstract with key words, Introduction, Clinical summary, Pathological findings, Management and outcome of case, Discussion, Recommendations and References.

Figures should be cited in the text and numbered sequentially with Arabic numerals. A brief descriptive legend should be provided with each figure. Photographs of identifiable persons must accompany the consent of the individual. Illustrations from already published articles / books, the permission of author and the publisher must accompany each illustration. All figures should be submitted seperatly in “jpeg” format with good resolution and figure legends in word file along with manuscript.

Should be numbered as they appear in the text and each table should have a short title. The data given in the table should be clear and logical It should supplement and not duplicate information present in the text.

Proof will be sent to the corresponding authors which should be carefully checked and returned to Editorial office of PMR with in seven days of the receipt. Accepted manuscript by Editorial Board will not be returned.

Authors desirous of reprints of the published articles may approach the Editorial Office of PMR. The reprints will be provided at nominal printing cost.

References should be endorsed as laid out in International Committee of Medical Journal Editors 1997; 126:36-47. References in the Bibliography should be in Vancouver style conforming to the pattern of NLM in Index Medicus. Responsibility of accuracy of references will rest entirely with the authors. References should be listed in the order as they appear in the text. They should be indicated by Arabic numerals enclosed in square brackets. For example [1],[2] and so on as superscript. For correct abbreviations of the journal please refer to last Index Medicus. Names of one word journals and unindexed journals should be written in full form. Number of references should be restricted to 4 for letters to editor, 6 for case reports, 12 for original articles and 20 for a review articles. Some of the sample references are as given below :

a) Journals :
  • Jain R, Awasthi A, Basappa A. Hematological profile of leukemias, Int J of Hemat 2006; 10:104-106.
  • Kurien D, Khandekar LL, Dash S et al. Cytodiagnosis of hydatid disease presenting with Horner’s Syndrome A case report. Acta Cytol 2001; 45: 74-78.

b) Books and Monograph :
  • Anemia, In: Cotran RS, Kumar V, Collins T. Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease. 6th ed. Singapore. WB Saunders Company, 1999: 1300-1321.
  • Wetzler M, Bloomfield CD. Acute and chronic myloid leukemies . In : Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. 14th ed. Fauci AS, Braunwald E, Isselbacher K, et al, Eds McGraw-Hill, New york, 1998; 684-695.

c) Conferences Proceedings :
Vivian VL, Editor. Child abuse and neglect; A medical community response. Proceedings of the First AMA National Conference on child Abuse and Neglect 1984; Mar 30-31; Chicago: American Medical Association, 1985.

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