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Fee Structure of Various Courses offered

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Fee Structure of Various Courses offered

Fees Structure for Various courses offered at PIMS....

The annual fees payable by the candidates admitted to the constituent Colleges of Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences , will be subject to review every year.

Fees for the academic year 2024-25 for Postgraduate, Undergraduate courses & Allied Sciences PG Courses are as below....

Course85% All India Category Management Quota 15% NRI/PIO/FN QuotaDeposit
Medical Courses

(A) Pre Clinical Subjects:

MD Anatomy
MD Physiology


US$ 40,850

(B) Para Clinical Subjects:

MD Microbiology
MD Pharmacology
MD Community Medicine
MD Forensic Medicine
6,70,000/- US$ 40,8505,000/-
MD Pathology
US$ 1,02,4405,000/-
(C) Clinical Subjects (PG Degree):

MD General Medicine
MD Paediatrics
MD Radio Diagnosis
MD Radiation Oncology
MS General Surgery
MS Ophthalmology
MS Orthopaedics
MS Obst. & Gynaecology

30,00,000/- US$ 1,82,9205,000/-
MD Anaesthesia
US$ 1,36,5805,000/-
MD Psychiatry
US$ 1,36,5805,000/-

Dentistry Courses

MDS Conservative
MDS Orthodontics
MDS Pedodontics
MDS Prosthodontics
MDS Oral Surgery


US$ 67,070

MDS Periodontology6,30,000/- US$ 38,4105,000/-
MDS Oral Medicine
MDS Oral Pathology

US$ 25,600

Eligibility Fee for First year will charged 5% of the tuition fee.

CourseGeneral category NRI/PIO/FN/Management CategoryDeposit
M.B.B.S. 17,50,000/- US$ 1,06,700 5,000/-
B.D.S. 3,50,000/- US$ 21,340---
B.A.M.S4,96,000/- US$ 30,2405,000/-
B.Sc. M.R.I.T.(Medical Radiology and Imaging Technology) (Honors) 40,000/- --- 5,000/-
M.Sc. M.R.I.T.(Medical Radiology and Imaging Technology) 1,50,000/- --- 5,000/-
B.Sc. R.T.T.(Radiotherapy Technology) (Honors) 40,000/- --- 5,000/-
B.P.T 1,95,000/- US$ 11,890 5,000/-
B.Sc. Nursing 1,00,000/- US$ 6,090 5,000/-
Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing 80,000/- US$ 4,875 5,000/-
B.Pharmacy 80,000/- US$ 4,875 5,000/-
2,35,000/- US$ 14,330 5,000/-
B.Sc Medical Biotechnology (Honors) 40,000/- --- 5,000/-
M.Sc Medical Biotechnology 56,000/- --- 5,000/-
PG Diploma in Herbal Medicine (PGDHM) 25,000/- --- 5,000/-
PG Diploma in Laboratory Animal Management (PGDLAM) 30,000/- --- 5,000/-
PG Diploma in Animal Tissue Culture (PGDATC) 30,000/- --- 5,000/-
PG Diploma in Plant Tissue Culture (PGDPTC) 20,000/- --- 5,000/-
M.Sc Nursing 1,05,000/- US$ 6,400 5,000/-
Master of Public Health 60,000/- --- 5,000/-
Master of Social Work 30,000/- --- 5,000/-
Diploma in Optometry and Ophthalmic Assistant (After H.S.C) 30,000/- --- 5,000/-
PG Diploma in Epidemiology & Biostatics(PGDEB) 30,000/- --- 5,000/-
PG Diploma in Hospital & Health Care Management (PGDHHM) 30,000/- --- 5,000/-
M.Sc Medical (Anatomy/ Physiology/ Pharmacology/ Microbiology) 90,000/-1,35,000.00 5,000/-
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) 25,000/---- 5,000/-
Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) 30,000/---- 5,000/-
Bachelor of Public Health (BPH)(Honors) 36,000/---- 5,000/-

  • The University does not charge capitation fee or any hidden fee
  • Fees will be constant for 2024-25 batch for three years and thereafter for M.B.B.S 15%,BDS 10% & B.A.M.S fess will be increased for the said batch.
  • Eligibility fee will be charged 5% on tuition fees.

Hostel Charges
Hostel DepositRent
(Per year per student)
International Hostel
Single Bed Occupancy
Rs.75,000/- Rs.1,50,000/-
International Hostel
Double Bed Occupancy
Rs.75,000/- Rs.2,50,000/-
International Hostel
Double Bed Occupancy (sharing Basis)
Rs.75,000/- Rs.1,25,000/-
RMO Hostel
Double bed Occupancy
Rs.50,000/- Rs.75,000/-
RMO Hostel
Single bed Occupancy
Rs.75,000/- Rs.1,25,000/-
Ladies Hostel
NRI wing (Sharing basis)
Ladies Hostel
Two / Three Bed Occupancy
New Boys Hostel
Doub Bed Occupancy
New Boys Hostel
Single Bed Occupancy
New Boys Hostel
Double Bed Occupancy Ground Floor for Interns
Boys Hostel No. 1
Double Bed Occupancy
GNM Hostel
For Dr. APJ AK College Of Physiotherapy Female Interns for six months
Boys Mess Charges Rs.3,000/- Rs.35,500/-
Girls Mess Charges Rs.3,000/- Rs.35,500/-