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(IC Value 2017 : 66.48)

Volume : 13 Number: 04 December 2021

Original Article

Study of effect of add on L-Arginine therapy on working capacity and Fatigability in hypertensive patients in tertiary care center of rural hospital. :-
Vandana Shridhar Pulate, Dr.Rahul R Kunkulol, Dr.Tushar Baheti, Sonali N Tambe.

Effectiveness of Progressive Balance Training and Information Brochure on Balance, Fear of Fall and Lower Extremity Function in Geriatric Population. :-
Shivani Sathe ,Deepali N. Hande ,Nupoor Kulkarni, Aditi Khot.

Analysis of Whole Blood and Blood Components Discard in a Rural Teaching Hospital Blood Bank: a Retrospective Study. :-
Dr. Apurva Vasant Kale, Dr. Bharati P. Baviskar, Dr. Suryakant D. Dongre, Dr. Ravindra R. Karle.

Study of cardiac biomarkers in patients with acute coronary syndrome. :-
Dr. Yashodeep Baburao Gaikwad , Dr. Vikram Bhausaheb Vikhe , Dr. Harishchandra Rameshchandra Chaudhari

Study of assessment of efficacy of antiplatelets in percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty patients.:-
Dr Rahul Trimukhe , Dr Ajit Jadhav , Dr Sunil Sathe.

Study of electrophysiological findings in Guillain-Barre Syndrome.:-
Dr. Patil Shrirang N., Dr. Joshi Anand G.

Moyamoya Syndrome in a known case of Beta Thalassemia Major: A Rare Case Report.:-
Dr. Vikram B. Vikhe, Dr. Shreshta Tripathi, Dr. Sri Sai Kalyan Vemuri, Dr.Prakash Shende,Dr M.Saikishore,Dr Junaid Ahmed.

Study of clinical presentation and outcome of patients with snake bites at tertiary care hospital in rural population.:-
Dr Varade SS , Dr BR Shinare , Dr Sinhal Gopal Nandkishore , Dr Pooja Shah , Dr Rahul Kunkulol.

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