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(IC Value 2020:97.80)

Volume : 14 Number: 02 June 2022

Original Article

Study of haematological parameters in Covid-19 positive patients at tertiary care hospital . :-
Dr. Ruta Vekariya1, Dr. Ravindra Karle, Dr. Anita Munde, Dr .Swati Dahe.

Cross-sectional study of zinc, cadmium levels and Zn/Cd ratio in seminal plasma and its relation with semen parameters. :-
Dr Chandrashekhar L. Shinde, Dr Urjita S. Zingade, Dr Motilal Tayade, Dr Sunita.Nighute.

Assessment of cognitive impairments in people living with HIV/AIDS on antiretroviral therapy. :-
Dr. Poonam Gupta, Dr. Simran Gupta, Dr. Shyam Sunder Gupta, Dr. Vibha Sharma, Dr. Kuldeep Kumar.

Assessment of lung functions in asymptomatic female diabetic patients of more than 5 years duration. :-
Dr. Akshay A Dhamne ,Dr Mrs Vijayashree S Gokhale ,Dr Harishchandra R Chaudhari

Prospective study of role of poller screw in interlocking nailing of metaphyseal fractures of tibia.:-
Dr. Kumar Rohit,Dr. V.B. Singh Patel,Dr. P.K. Lakhtakia.

A comparative study of gestational age by last menstrual period, symphysis fundal height and ultrasound at tertiary care hospital: Observational study .:-
Dr. Suhas Vishwas Gaikwad ,Dr. Vidya Gaikwad ,Dr.Nandini Bhosgi.

Study of comparison between the results of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology and Excisional biopsy in neck masses.:-
Dr S Vijay Praveen ,Dr Karthik Munagala,Dr Baddam Grace Swarupa Charles ,Dr Prashanth .N , Dr Azmath Shaik

Study of prevalence of microalbuminuria in recent ischaemic stroke at tertiary care hospital.:-
Aakash R Badgujar, Vijay K Joglekar.

Distribution of neuropathies and autonomic function disorders in chronic alcoholics at tertiary care hospital: Observational study.:-
Dr. Jagannath S Dhadwad,Dr. Namrata Chawre.

Additive effectiveness of “Rocabado’s 6x6 program” on oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF ) : Case Report .:-
Dr Swarali kamerkar ,Dr Motilal C Tayade ,Dr Adarsh Agrawal.

Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in differentiating benign from malignant vertebral compression fractures - can biopsy avoided?.:-
Dr. Shweta Shendey, Dr. Ibrahim Ansari, Dr. Sunil Patil.

Osteochondroma - Neck of Humerus – Case Report .:-
Dr. Rohan Chandanwale1, Dr. Aditya Pundkar, Dr. Siddharth Jain, Dr. Ajay Chandanwale, Dr. Rameez Bukhari.

Radiological outcome after extra-articular fracture of distal tibia treated with plating VS nailing.:-
Dr. Ajinkya Surendra Girme, Dr. V.G. Suresh .

Study of assessment of severity in acute coronary syndrome with unstable angina.:-
Sanjay Mulay, Rajesh Ursekar, Sharda Bharati, Brinda.

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