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(IC Value 2020:97.80)

Volume : 15 Number: 01 March 2023

Original Article

Effect of add on L-arginine on Mean arterial pressure in hypertensive patients on antihypertensive treatment. :-
Dr.Vandana S Pulate, Dr. Sanjay S Varade, Dr Priyanka B Gulve , Dr.Rahul R Kunkulol. .

Cross sectional study on clinico-investigative profile of dengue fever with context to thrombocytopenia :-
Rutuja Pundkar, Anup Kharde.

Study of evaluation of taste perception in kharra eaters and kharra noneaters :-
DR Lata Buktar , DR Sanjay Buktar.

Exploring the Effects of Sahaja Yoga on Quality of Life and Perceived Stress Scale:-
Rai Madhur Sandeep, Rai Devdutt Sandeep, Rai Sandeep Umesh, Inamdar R

The effect of ketamine on the onset time of neuromuscular blockade with rocuronium bromide :-
Laxman Singh Rajpurohit , Abhilasha Thanvi, Kashmira Sharma, Anita Chouhan , Uma Dutt Sharma.

Accuracy of Mannheims Peritonitis Index (MPI) in predicting the outcome in patients with perforation peritonitis:-
Dr. Sunil Kumar Yadav , Dr. Amrit Batania , Dr. Madan Gopal Vashist , Dr. Sachin Bhardwaj , Dr. Kanika Sachdeva , Dr. Uma Bhardwaj.

Outcome of septoplasty with or without inferior turbinoplasty in Deviated Nasal Septum: A Randomized controlled trial :-
Dr. Vivek V. Harkare, Dr. Samir Choudhary, Dr. Sonali P. Khadakkar, Dr. Rahul Varma, Dr. Anjali Poojary, Dr. Abhishek Kamath, Dr. Disha Methwani.

Study of evaluation of role of total leucoycte count (TLC), absolute neutrophil count (ANC), neutrophil lymphocyte ratio (NLR) and ultrasound abdomen in patients withclinical diagnosis of acute appendicitis – A cross sectional study:-
Dr. Chanderbhan, Dr. M.K. Garg, Dr Sebin Sebastian, Dr. Pushpendra Malik, Dr. Swaran Kaur Saluja, Dr. Chiranjeev Gathwal

Assessment of impact of intrathecal magnesium sulfate on bupivacaine-fentanyl subarchanoid block during infraumbilical surgeries: Review :-
Dr. Haneesha Movva, Dr. Karuna Taksande.

Current applications in anesthesiology – Ketamine: Review :-
Matturu Soumya. Amol Singam, Vivek Chakole.

Scope of Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) material applications in healthcare industry: Review :-
Pratibha M Karandikar, Nilesh C Ghuge, Motilal C Tayade .

Health Profile of Traffic Police Personnel at Panvel Zone, District Raigad- A Cross-Sectional study:-
Nisha Ram Relwani, Mrunal Pimparkar, Rishikesh Wadke, Kiran Mali, Saili Jadhav .

Study of clinical and epidemiological pattern and metabolic profile of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in children :-
Dr Renuka S Jadhav , Dr Lasya Guduru, Dr Vineeta Pande , Dr.Shailaja Mane , Dr Sharad Agarkhedker

Evaluation of wound healing activity of Hibiscus Cannabinus Linn Leaves Extract :-
Dattatraya B Thorat ,Sandeep Narwane , Rahul Kunkulol , Sanjay B Bhawar .

Evaluation of wound healing activity of Hibiscus Cannabinus Linn Leaves Association between A1298C Variants of the MTHFR Gene and Male Infertility in the Indian Population: A Case-Control Study Akash More,a; Ujwal Gajbe; Amol Shinde ;Shilpa Dutta; Namrata Anjankar;Jarul Shrivastava

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