Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences

College of Pharmaceutical Sciences , Loni

Centre For Biotehnology

College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The objective of the Institute is to lay a foundation and create advanced academic and research environment for medical and other health science manpower that would identify and deal effectively with peculiar problems faced in implementing a comprehensive rural health care package in the country. Appropriate, relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills are made available to grass roots level community members to post doctoral research workers in medical and health sciences..


To be a well recognized premier centre of excellence in teaching, research and entrepreneurial training in pharmaceutical sciences & Carving the youth as dynamic, competent, valued and knowledgeable professionals, who shall lead the nation to a better future.


  • Providing quality education, student-cantered teaching-learning processes and state-of-art Infrastructure for professional aspirants from both rural and urban areas.
  • Develop highly trained, versatile human resources for pharmaceutical industry,community pharmacy and drug research and development.
  • To organize conferences and structured workshops for the benefit of students and professionals.
  • Inculcating timeless values of calibre, competence, confidence and conscience in budding pharmacists.


The College is desirous of becoming one of country’s premiere Institute. The primary focus is education and research with relevance to the practical world as a guiding principle. The College, despite having strong research base, desires to extend beyond traditional boundaries. It seeks to be a pulsating temple of science from which intelligence, knowledge and wisdom disseminate.

The Faculty

The faculty of this Center is well trained and possesses relevant skills to conduct research and provide interdisciplinary training in fundamental areas at the forefront of pharmacy. We aim to cultivate a research environment that will also foster the advancement of the local and national pharmacy industry.


The College has the following laboratories with state-of-art equipment:
  1. Pharmacutical Chemistry.
  2. Pharmocognosy.
  3. Pharmacology.
  4. Pharmasuticus.

Animal House

As part of creating the most suitable environment for encouraging and strengthening fundamental research, the University has built a fully equipped, modern Animal House with a floor area of 6,000 Sq.Ft. in strict accordance with the CPCSEA guidelines - the first one of its kind in Rural India.

The house is centrally air conditioned, humidified and maintained as totally sterile. The House is also equipped with an Operation Theatre, experimental & clinical laboratory, separate breeding rooms, sick rooms, quarantine rooms etc. The animals are housed species wise in separate rooms in polycarbonate cages with supply of sterile water and automatic feeding and drainage system. Waste disposal is done through a special incinerator as per norms of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.

 Dr. Ravindra Laware
 B.Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy, Ph.D.
 PMT Campus, Loni
 Tel (O): +91-2422–273600
 Fax: +91-2422–273442