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(IC Value 2020:97.80)

Volume : 14 Number: 01 March 2022

Original Article

Study of the risk factors associated with gestational diabetes mellitus at a tertiary level rural hospital, Maharashtra. :-
Dr. Sucharita Dutta, Dr. Vaishali D Phalke, Dr. Anup Kharde, Dr. Mahavarkar Varsha, Dr. Deepak B Phalke, Dr. Priyanka Gupta.

Surgical outcome of congenital anomaly in newborn at Tertiary care Rural hospital. :-
Dr. Anmol Batra , Dr.(Mrs)S.P.Pargaonkanr , Dr.(Mrs) B.D.BORA , Dr.Aatif Sattar.

Study of clinical profile of ascites and its relation with serum ascites albumin gradient. :-
Dr.Mohd Junaid Ahmed, Dr.Prakash Shende, Dr V.B. Vikhe.

Study of febrile urinary tract infections in paediatric patients. :-
Dr Vinay kumar Yadav ,Dr .(PROF.) A.K.Jaiswal

Study of clinical profile of peripheral neuropathy in chronic alcoholics.:-
Dr. Namrata Chaware, Dr. Abhishek Borle, Dr. Ashritha Reddy, Dr. G.S. Shiddapur, Dr. J.S. Dhadwad, Dr Vikram Vikhe.

The Experience of exchange studies in Physical Therapy between Sweden and India – A qualitative study.:-
Deepali N. Hande, Frode Sångberg, Kenth Ulvedal, Kristina Kindblom.

Transforming COVID Immunization Centers at Medical Colleges into Adult Immunization Clinics.:-
Dr. Mandar Baviskar, Dr. Anup Kharde, Dr. Deepak Phalke, Dr. Rahul Kunkulol, Dr. Rajvir Bhalwar.

Study of effectiveness of scapular mobilization versus proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation technique among subjects with adhesive capsulitis at primary care level.:-
Dr Swarali S Kamerkar, Dr. Neeraj Kumar, Dr Motilal C Tayade.

Study of laboratory investigation profile of patients with snake bites at tertiary care hospital.:-
Dr Varade SS , Dr BR Shinare , Dr Sinhal Gopal Nandkishore , Dr Pooja Shah , Dr Rahul Kunkulol.

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