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Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Project

In keeping with the tradition of achieviing new goals and reaching new horizons, Pravara Medical Trust started Cardio-thoracic surgery in collaboration with Linkoping University, Sweden. Surgeons from Pravara Medical Trust were sent to Sweden for training under the Masters in this field.

Under this project cardiac surgery is made available to the children of economically backward classes, who otherwise may not have survived : the treatment cost being out of their reach.

The first operation was successfully undertaken on 18th January 2001. Till 1st March 2002, 35 children have been successfully operated and are on their way to become useful citizens of our society.

Not to be content with simple procedures and with a view to contend with complicated surgeries, other state-of-the-art instrumentation has been bid for.

Mr. Arne Johansson, Director, East County Council, Sweden who visited India in December 2001 alongwith Dr. Christian Olin, the guardian surgeon of the project was so impressed with the progress that he announced the donation of Heart Lung Machine by the end of September 2002 . This will usher the project in its final stage.