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International Collaborations - Current Activities

Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences – Deemed University in its quest to provide globally competent higher education, build efficient health care delivery system, facilitates joint collaborative academic & research activities and exchange of faculty and students.

At present the university collaborates with number of international universities and organizations world over. On an average, every year 15 – 20 faculty and students visit our university under various exchange programmes and research activities. Equal opportunity is also provided for our faculty and students international universities. Foreign students are encouraged to undertake elective training at our hospital and primary health care centers.

  • To promote and provide opportunities, to facilitate collaborations, networking with international universities/institute/organizations for promotion, advancement and sharing of academic and research knowledge and activities in medicine, health and allied sciences, for development of mankind in India and abroad.
  • To promote and provide all possible arrangements for national and global participation in the fields of health, management and allied sciences.
  • To serve and work towards improvement and development of rural life and the general population through international collaborations.
  • To undertake and encourage joint collaborative research activities among student and faculty.

Areas of Collaborations

Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences – DU undertakes collaborations in the following broad areas:

  1. Medical Sciences & Health care
  2. Biotechnology – Biological technology
  3. Dental sciences
  4. Community Medicine & Rural Health
  5. Nursing care
  6. Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy
  7. Bioscience management
  8. Agricultural medicine
  9. Occupational Health

Joint collaborative research activities in areas such as : rural/remote medicine, occupational medicine/health, communicable & non-communicable diseases, reproductive & child health, emerging and re-emerging diseases, public and community health, health policy, health management & economics, health care financing, health care delivery system, health informatics, e-health, alternative systems of medicine, medical biotechnology etc.

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