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International Conference on Woman and Child

Theme : Health, Empowerment, Rights & Development
Conference Dates :

November 14-16, 1998

Organised By
Association of Agricultural Medicine and Rural Health in India (AAMRHI) Loni
Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP), Jamkhed, India
Conference Venue

Dr. Balasaheb Vikhe Patil Rural Medical College
At. Loni, Dist. Ahmednagar,
Maharashtra State, India, Pin- 413 736
Tel. +91 2422 273600 / 273486
Congress President :
Dr. Ashok Patil, President, IAAMRH

Organising Secretary :
N.S. Mhaske, Trustee,
Pravara Medical Trust (PMT), Loni

Organised in Collaboration with

International Association of Agricultural Medicine
and Rural Health - IAAMRH

Conference Secretariat
Dr. Balasaheb Vikhe Patil Rural Medical College ,Loni
Pravara Medical Trust
Dist:Ahmednagar (Maharashtra State)
Tel: +91-2422-71756
Fax: +91-2422-73413
sponsored by...
Pravara Medical Trust, Loni

Government Sponsors
Dept. of Woman & child, Govt.of India
Govt. of Maharashtra
International Sponsors
India (British High Comissioner)

Chief Guest Honr'ble Manohar Joshi, Chief Minister, Govt of Maharashtra

Conference Objectives

  1. To promote dialogue regarding various problems related to health, empowerment, rights and development of women and children-in the world, especially in developing countries.
  2. To identify possible solutions for these problems.
  3. To commit participants to take action in their area of interest.
  4. To make recommendations for action to international and national policy makers, scientific and academic institutions and other concerned agencies.

Major Issues / Sub Themes of Conference

A) Common Issues:

1. Role of government and NGOs.
2. Role of policy & law makers.
3. Role of service providers -health workers, law keepers, social activists, etc.
4. Alternative approaches in health care and social security systems.
5. Appropriate training of health workers in woman and child health.
6. Use of appropriate medical technology.

B) Suggested Sub-themes on Woman Gender Issues : Education, Human Rights, Empowerment (social, economical, political, spiritual), Globalisation, Mechanization, Consumerism etc.

Social Issues: Women and Family, Girl child, Status of women in society, Patriarchy, Traditions, Customs ( polyandry, dowry, sati, devdasi system etc), Property rights, Kinship and guardianship, Consumerism, etc.

Women's Health and Nutrition : General health care and nutrition, Infancy and childhood, Adolescent health and nutrition, Re-productive health (family planning, pregnancy related services, STDs, AIDS etc). Health care at post reproductive stage, Health interventions for vulnerable groups (disabled, abandoned etc.). Mental health, Investment in women's health and nutrition, Promotion of positive health practices, Eliminating harmful practices ( gender discrimination, genital mutilation, domestic violence and rape).

Violence and Crime Against Women : Health consequences of gender - based violence, Implications of gender violence for health and development, Strategies towards elimination of violence against women. Sexual abuse, Prostitution, Destitution etc.

Women and Development : Employment ( organised, unorganised, farm labour). Energy, Water supply, Sanitation, Environment, Development issues related to urban, rural and tribal women, Participation of women in development, Networking of women's organisations.

C) Suggested Sub - themes on Child.

Child Rights : Civil rights and Freedom, Family Environment and alternate care, Basic health, nutrition and child care, Education, leisure and culture, Child labour, Street children and refugees, Child abuse, Orphans, Adoptions, and Foster care.

Crime/Violence against children: Feticide, Infanticide, Health con-sequences of domestic and institutional (schools, police stations, remand homes etc.) violence against child, Juvenile delinquency, Child abuse, Child and sex trade, Girl traficking, Strategies required to prevent child abuse.

Child Health and Nutrition : Abortions, Amniocentesis, Infant and Under 5 morbidity and mortality, Immunization, Children and mental health, Nutrition and child health, School health services, Pollution and child health, Childhood disabilities, Media and child health and Consumerism.

Child and Development: Child hunger and poverty, Living conditions and their impact on urban, rural and tribal child, Day care centre and "latch key" children, Accidents and natural calamities and child, War and child.