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Erasmus Mundus Collaborations

ERASMUS + PROGRAMME (Funded by European Union)
International Credit Mobility (ICM) – Mobility for learners and staff – Higher education student and staff mobility

Partner Universities
Lund University, Sweden and Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences – DU

Erasmus + is the new programme introduced by European Commission for education between Europe and India. This program replaces the earlier programme of Erasmus Mundus implemented by PIMS – DU since 2009.

Lund University, Sweden and Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences – Deemed University has received funding under the European Commission’s new ERASMUS + International Credit Mobility Programme. The scholarship programme supports mobility of students and staff, between universities in Europeon Union and Rest of the World.

This funding will strengthen the existing collaboration between Lund University and PIMS – DU in the Faculty of Medicine.

The MBBS Interns will have the opportunity to undertake electives at the Lund University through Erasmus + Programme.

The agreement in Erasmus + provides financial support to the partner universities which will recognize the study credits sought under exchange by the students. The project will be implemented by signing “Learning Agreement” for the proposed study programme defining the Learning Outcome and specific formal recognition.

The cost related to the mobility of the incoming/outgoing staff and students will be covered by the funding from European Union.

PIMS – DU was selected to be a partner university because of its quest to bring in internationalization of higher education in the previous projects of Erasmus Mundus External Co-operation Programmes, which were immensely beneficial to the staff and students of PIMS – DU.