Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences

Rural Medical College, Loni

Rural Medical College - Medical Education Unit (MEU)

Rural Medical College
Curriculum Implementation Support Program (CISP) 28-30 June 2019

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Officer-in -charge : Dean, Rural Medical College, Loni

Coordinator : Dr. D. B. Phalke, Professor & Head Community Medicine, FAIMER 2011 fellow, ACME 2015, GSMC MCI NODAL CENTER, Mumbai


It was established as per directives of Medical Council of India, New Delhi for sensitization of teachers in medical education technology for developing skills required for good teacher, clinician, researcher and mentor.

Activities: Read More.. PDF file available to download
  1. Organizing Basic course workshop in MET for faculty under MCI regional center, MUHS, Nashik
  2. Resource center for students and faculty
  3. Implementing Innovative teaching learning practices including students research projects, problem based learning, community oriented medical education, participation in public health days, organizing quizzes, students research conference etc.
  4. To conduct foundation course for first MBBS from 2019 Batch.
  5. To conduct CISP and other workshops for implementation of CBME.
  6. Organizing orientation programs for undergraduates, interns and postgraduates

Role of MEU
  1. Faculty development
  2. Curriculum development and reforms
  3. Basic training in education technology
  4. Rational use of education and information technology
  5. Advanced training
  6. Research in medical education
  7. Grooming teachers to play additional roles
  8. Innovative teaching learning practices


Training hall with LCD projector, PA system, computer with internet connectivity, Two international journals, 26 books on medical education,68 educational CDs, 76 operation CDs

List of Journals & Books on Medical Education Technology in Central Library PDF file available to download

Medical Education Unit of Rural Medical College - Annual Report 2019-20 PDF file available to download

Annual Reports of Medical Education Unit
  1. Annual Reports of Medical Education Unit 2017-18      PDF file available to download
  2. Annual Reports of Medical Education Unit 2018-19      PDF file available to download
  3. Annual Reports of Medical Education Unit 2019-20      PDF file available to download
  4. Annual Reports of Medical Education Unit 2020-21      PDF file available to download
  5. Foundation Course for First MBBS 2019 batch      PDF file available to download
    Foundation Course for First MBBS 2019 batch-Video

MEU Faculty : Read More.. PDF file available to download
Sr.NoName of Faculty Designation MET Training
1AVM (Retd) Dr. Rajvir Bhalwar Dean, Rural Medical CollegeCurriculum Implementation Support Programme (CISP)
2Dr. D. B. PhalkeCoordinator, MEU ,Professor & Head, Community MedicineFAIMER2011 Fellow, GSMC, Mumbai ACME2015, GSMC, Mumbai RBCW, AETCOM, CISP
3Dr. V. B. Bangal Professor & Head, GynecologyFAIMER fellow 2013 GSMC, Mumbai;ACME 2015, GSMC, Mumbai; RBCW, AETCOM, CISP
4Dr. G. J. JorvekarProfessor & Head, SurgeryFAIMER fellow2014, CMC Ludhiana RBCW, AETCOM, CISP
5Dr. P. K. BaviskarProfessor, SurgeryACME 2015, GSMC, Mumbai; RBCW, AETCOM, CISP
6Dr. K. N. DandekarProfessor, SurgeryFAIMER fellow 2012, GSMC, Mumbai; NTTC 2011 JIPMER; Advanced MET, IMETTT, Aundh, Pune; RBCW, AETCOM, CISP
7Dr. Sandeep PakhaleProfessor, AnatomyACME 2014, DMIMS, Sawangi,RBCW, AETCOM, CISP,
8Dr. Mohan PawarProfessor & Head FMTACME 2019,GSMC, Mumbai; RBCW,AETCOM, CISP
9Dr. Motilal TayadeProfessor, PhysiologyACME 2015, GSMC, Mumbai; RBCW, AETCOM, CISP
10Dr. Tushar BahetiAssociate Professor, PharmacologyACME 2019, GSMC, Mumbai; RBCW, AETCOM, CISP

Workshops on Medical Education Technology / HPE (2009 to 2019):
Sr. No Dates Teaching AdminProfessorAssociate
127/7/2009 - 1/8/20090204051021
21/2/2010 - 6/2/2010 0509040119
318/8/2010 - 25/8/20100211030521
417/1/2011 - 22/1/20110409020621
525/7/2011 - 30/7/20110603050923
619/1/2012 - 14/1/20120304040920
725/11/2013 - 27/11/20131004040119
87/7/2014 - 9/7/2014020906060124
927 /1/2015 – 29/1/2015050317--25
1015 /10/2015 – 17/10/201502051010--27

Other Workshops organized :
Sr.NoDate Workshop Total
16/10/2016 to 7/10/2016 Workshop on Newer Evaluation Methods for Faculty22
23/2/2017Workshop on use of ICT in Teaching Learning for PIMS Faculty24
38/12/2017 to 10/12/2017Values of Health Care - A Spiritual Approach Workshop for Faculty24
428/6/2019 to 30/6/2019Curriculum Implementation Support Programme (CISP)30
519/07/2019Sensitization workshop on CISP30
601/08/2019 to 31/08/2019Foundation Course for First MBBS 200
707/10/2019Guest Lecture by Dr. Carina From KI Sweden20
803/12/2019Workshop on Assessment in CBME for preclinical faculty30
904/09/2020Sesitisation in CBME and CISP For Paraclnical Faculty 40
1009 to 10th OCT 2020CISP-II Workshop for RMC Faculty under MUHS MCI Regional Centre 30
Future plans
  1. Organize CME and guest lectures of eminent National and International faculty in Medical Education for faculty and students
  2. Develop"State of the Art" skill laboratory for training of UG & PG